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In 2019, a group of independent journalists decided that Internet news was ripe for a refreshing new professional approach. World News Tribune went on to be created.

Today the World News Tribune site is still owned and operated by the very same people from inception: a British political journalist Christopher A. Preston, an American editor Bonnie C. Lara, and a Big Apple media agency named Breeze run by a retired reporter guru Thomas Lee Robisheaux.

Whilst being stuck in a broken lift for 3 hours in an old Manhattan building the trio mentioned occupied their time by brainstorming a potential news site they would eventually form together. They calculated that fate had got them into such a situation for a good reason. Thus rather than wait anxiously to be rescued, they sat on the floor of the lift and had an improptu brainstorming session, which ended with the fire department getting them out, but not before they had all bought in totally to creating an international news hub that would display the unbiased and objective reporting they had envisaged together.

As a founder-owned New York company, this affords all at World News Tribune the creativity and flexibility required to deliver quality news in an atmosphere of friendship that is unrivaled. It is this camaraderie coupled with digital algorithms that are employed to discover among the multitude of worldwide stories those that are worthy of your attention.

Our international team of journalists, reporters and editors use state of the art digital era advances to deliver the latest global stories to you in real time directly.

We explore every nook and cranny of the planet and bring you the latest news covering global societies: politics, business, sport, crime, art and tech.

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