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Seems the folks in Disneyland China have decided to reopen their doors. But as this video shows numbers were very sparse. It’s...


Jason Momoa was showing his son Nokoa-Wolf how to throw an axe whilst not looking at the last second of the throw....

Mazda Seeks $2.8 Billion Loans To Survive Pandemic

. Mazda Motor Corp needs urgent aid amidst the pandemic crisis. It is now seeking 300 billion yen ($2.8...

Christopher A. Preston
Political Editor

Chris writes about politics and knows what any politician is up to
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John R. Red
Contributing Editor

John covers worldwide crime stats and criminal court cases
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Thelma W. Meeks
Sports Reporter

Thelma is our Sports writer, a volleyball lover and a former cheerleader
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Bonnie C. Lara
Culture Editor

Bonnie covers celebrity culture and Internet viral gems
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Nathan D. Moody
Technology Reporter

Nathan is also a front-end developer — and he can build a robot
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Putin’s Russia Crumbles Right Before His Eyes (VIDEO)

Putin a year back was riding high at the Davos Economic Summit he was seen as an experienced crafty and by far...

Discriminatory Or Biased AI Working in Health, Hiring, And the Justice System (VIDEO)

In the world of algorithms and databases AI draws its intelligence. If the database is biased then the AO is equally biased.

Sex With A Slipper May Sound Awful But Sex With One Hundred and Twenty Slippers That’s A Whole New Level

Just as you thought how weird can things get, meet Theerapat Klaiya, a 24 year old from Thailand who has a fetish...

Trump Said He Would Be The Best President Ever in American History, He Was Wrong

This is not an article to bash the President of the United States. It is an article to show that a pandemic...

Lufthansa Stabbed In The Back By The EU in €9B Bailout That Makes The Deal Offered Untenable

The board of Lufthansa were expected to sign off an aid agreement structured by the EU, until they woke up to the...

Donald Trump Refuses to Wear A Mask Whilst Americans Are Forced To Wear Masks (VIDEO)

A number of days ago Republican Darren Bailey was removed from a house session after being voted out 81-27 in Illinois by...