“Zombie Angelina Jolie” Catches Corona in Jail

Sahar Tabar: Before and After. Photo via Facebook and Instagram.

Fatemeh Khishvand, a 22-year-old Iranian-based influencer known as “Sahar Tabar” or “Zombie Angelina Jolie”, has caught COVID-19 and is currently placed on a ventilator in prison, her lawyers claim. Teheran authorities deny it, refusing to release her on bail.

Sahar was arrested back in October 2019 during the local witch hunt that targeted social media celebrities in Iran. She was charged with blasphemy, inciting violence and promoting the corruption of young people, according to the judge. She was then put in the Shahr-e Rey Prison, reports the New York Post.

Several years ago Sahar Tabar became a viral sensation due to her over-the-top plastic surgery. While her initial goal was to resemble Angelina Jolie, her Instagram visuals became more and more disturbing with time. Eventually, she earned a nickname “Zombie Angelina Jolie” thanks to the combination of surgeries, make-up and photo editing which altered her looks. She, however, claimed that she heavily edited her selfies to provoke people.


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