Wuhan Wet Markets Become a Ticking Time Bomb Again

Photo by Adli Wahid on Unsplash

There were considerable warnings from numerous sources regarding the state of the wet markets of Wuhan the capital of Central China’s Hubei province. 

Sanitation is limited as with live animals their feces & urine is spread along the pathways of the market. Huge amounts of blood splattering from the cleavers & knives chopping up the animals with the occasional bucket of water attempting to wash away the grisly remnants of the butchering process. 

It is completely obvious how the term “wet” is used to describe the type of markets that are in place. 

Though the spread of the present Covid-19 virus is assumed to originate from Bats, it is unclear how this is then transmitted to humans. Perhaps the virus had managed to infect pangolins and snakes which in turn via these wet markets found their way into humans. 

Whatever the route the virus has taken to infect humans the unhygienic process within the wet markets of Wuhan have been a ticking time-bomb of cross contamination waiting to explode.  


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