Woman’s Breast Implant Catches A Bullet


Beauty became a life savior for a 30-year-old Canadian woman when an unknown perpetrator shot her. Miraculously, the bullet got stuck in her silicone implant, saving her life.

The incident was covered in a recent Plastic Surgery Journal Corporation/SAGE article, describing the surgery that the victim underwent back in 2018.

It was reported that the victim was walking down the street of Toronto when she suddenly felt pain and heat in the left area of her chest. She then saw blood and rushed to the nearest emergency department, says CNN. 

She was coherent and seemed well, but close examination showed a hard object stuck in her right lower anterior thoracic wall. It looked suspiciously like a bullet. The trauma doctors managed to follow its trajectory by using high-resolution computed tomography scan analysis.

It was stated that the bullet, which would later be categorized as a copper jacketed 0.40 caliber, essentially ricocheted from the woman’s left breast to the right side, thanks to the saline-filled silicone implant. This ultimately saved her life, despite fracturing some ribs.

The doctors performed a successful surgery, removing the bullet and both implants. In 2020 they summarized the case in the SAGE study penned by Giancarlo McEvenue, MD, Anastasia Oikonomou MD, Noah Ditkofsky, MD, and Joan Lipa, MD.

“Based on our review of the literature, there are surprisingly few cases of breast implants ruptured due to firearm injury published in the literature”, the article states.


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