Vienna Museum Makes History With Coronavirus Exhibition


Back on March 25th, the Vienna Museum turned to crowdsourcing the most relevant visuals pieces of the times. It resulted in almost 1,800 submissions — and the best ones are now available to view through a virtual exhibition.

The photos are capturing the reality of the pandemic in the digital era: discarded rubber gloves and face masks, social distancing markers, and warning signs — everything that is crucial for the history of mankind. According to the Vienna Museum representatives, they never stopped accepting submissions and will continue to do so “as long as Corona exists.”

Konstanze Schäfer, a press spokesperson for the Vienna Museum, said that an exhibition like that should be current. 

“We want to see how we tell our children, or our children’s children, what happened in Vienna because of course this is a big moment for all of us,” she told the AFP news agency.

“We must call for this now. A lot of the projects that came into existence in the beginning (of the pandemic), such as neighborhood aid initiatives, don’t exist anymore.”


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