Venezuela Has The Worst Worlds Crime Statistics


It may be a surprise to learn that Venezuela has the worst crime statistics in the world. It also follows although not always necessarily that is also the unsafest. How did a country that is so rich in oil resources get to this state.? Like other oil-producing nations, there was too much reliance on oil. Before oil, it was a major commodities producer of coffee and cocoa. It is hard to believe that in the 80’s it was the richest nation in South America. Today it can hardly feed itself as prices fell and it can no longer afford to import the foodstuffs it requires. As it cast its agricultural economy to the vagrancies of the oil market and its vast swings in the oil market.

In such harsh reality its crime figures have in a short space of time relatively have arrived to this worst position to the detriment of its people.

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Our contributing editor, John covers worldwide crime stats and criminal court cases. One of John’s fondest childhood memories is sneaking out at night to read evening newspapers left in the living room: they were banned as the “adults only” type of media. That forbidden fruit made him pursue journalism and graduate from the University of Auckland with a Media and Communication Studies degree. John moved to Virginia in 2010, arriving right in the middle of Springfest riots; covering them was his first truly intense job as a reporter, and he has been chasing that adrenaline high ever since. But his main goal is to be as fast and correct as possible when it comes to reporting crimes. John believes that the Internet must be a source of objective information that saves lives. He currently lives in Vancouver with his family and enjoys gardening: you can literally find him working on his articles among the parsley patches.


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