UK To Start Investigating Australia’s Involvement In HIV/Hepatitis C-Infected Blood Scandal

Photo via Amornthep Srina on Pexels.

One of the Australia’s most prominent tainted blood campaigners Charles MacKenzie will today be named a core participant in a UK-led inquiry of one of the longest transfusion scandals. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, he is set to give evidence this year.

Up to 20,000 people in Australia have been possibly infected with deadly diseases such as HIV or Hepatitis C during the 1970s — early 1990s period through blood transfusions. As the investigation have been outgoing for decades now, countries other than Australia joined. A UK citizen have recently come out with claims that he got Hepatitis C after receiving blood products from Perth.

Charles MacKenzie himself received a Hepatitis C-infected blood transfusion in 1988 when he was still a teenager in Sydney. The procedure was done in Royal Prince Alfred Hospital. As an adult, MacKenzie, he has been tirelessly working on behalf of other victims, some of which include babies and elderly. The majority have never seen any sort of compensation or even apology from the Australian government.


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