U.S. Executes Meth Kingpin And Mass Murderer Dustin Honken

Dustin Honken in 2005. Photo via KTIV TV on YouTube.

The U.S. has executed Dustin Honken, who once was one of the most prominent methamphetamine producers in the states of Iowa and Arizona. He was administered a lethal injection at the FCC Terre Haute, Indiana, on July 17th.

Honken turned into a mass murderer in the 90s, coming after his former sidekicks who had entered a secret deal with the FBI, which has obviously a threat to his business and freedom. Both he and his lover conspired to kill not just those ex-drug dealers, Terry DeGeus and Greg Nicholson, but Nicholson’s partner Lori Duncan and her two kids, Kandi (10) and Amber (6).

Honken spent 15 years to try and escape his fate since an informal halt was put on federal executions back then. However, all his legal appeals were fruitful.

His last words were a brief Catholic prayer. He never spoke about his victims or showed remorse.


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