Twitter Closed Till September 2020


Twitter employees will be working remotely from home for the foreseeable future. The San Francisco based company has more than 25 offices worldwide. They are one of the largest social networks where in the fourth quarter of 2019 they reported over 152 million daily active users. Their annual revenue for 2019 came to $3.46 Billion.

With so much at stake they have found a way to remain operational whilst getting their staff to work from home. “We were uniquely positioned to respond quickly and allow folks to work from home given our emphasis on decentralisation and supporting a distributed workforce capable of working from anywhere,” a Twitter spokesperson said.

Telework seems to be the preferred mode by the large social networks like facebook and Google who also have not suffered via remote working of their staff from home to keep their networks fully functional.

This change has prompted a review of how work will be conducted in the future where the employees of these companies may opt to work from home going forward indefinately, where the networks are quite relaxed in making that a possibility. Physical premises are becoming less of an advantage in the modern era with technology advancing in leaps and bounds to enable real time communications of multiple users in real time.

Twitter plans to open very carefully in the future and believes it will not be the same when they do return given that their operations will change in line with the work from home model currently in adoption.

One area that does require physical intervention is the maintenance of their platform. Here the technicians need to access the servers and ensure all is running smoothly. Given the present model there appears to be glitches with users complaining from different parts of the country regarding the ability to load and view their accounts or receive tweets.

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