Turkey Mass Protests Over Brutal Slaying Of 27-year-old Woman

Photo via Magazin Burada on YouTube.

Thousands of people all over Turkey took it to the streets after the shocking murder of Pinar Gultekin, a 27-year-old resident of the Muğla province. The protesters are addressing the country’s growing problem with the so-called femicide: a category of female-oriented hate crime recognized by the World Health Organization. 

Gultekin’s remains were recovered in the woods this week. They were charred after the apparent attempt to burn them, put in a barrel with concrete concealing them. The suspect, Cemal Metin Avci, has already been detained; he also confessed to the crime. 

According to him, Gultekin was his mistress who blackmailed him, threatening to contact his wife. He murdered her in his country house by beating her up and strangling her. During the confession, Avci put the blame entirely on the victim, accusing her of enraging him. 

Almost 500 women were murdered in Turkey last year alone, say anti-femicide organizations. These are the crimes committed by their male family members, significant others or simply rejected men. 


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