Donald Trump finds himself at odds with his own experts who are advising caution when it comes to the subject of schools. Many are fearful of a second wave and effecting social distancing properly in a school environment will not be easy.

Dr Anthony Fauci, told the Senate via a video that going back now could trigger “spikes that might turn into outbreaks” that could prove difficult to control.

Against this backdrop of confusion between a President wanting to get the Country open at any cost and the caution expressed by the experts, Parents are not going to be quick to listen to the President. All understand that there is a desire on Trump’s part to kickstart the economy for his election tilt.

Home schooling and online courses have been the norm for the past few months and look likely to continue for a little longer. Laboratories are racing for a vaccine and although still slow, there is hope that as soon as safety and effectiveness issues are sorted there will be quick production of the vaccine enabling some normalcy to return to people’s lives.

The President has kept unusually quiet regarding his differing opinions to his top health expert. Fauci is someone he is scared to fire or contradict openly given his admitted lack of medical knowledge and his recent suggestion on internal rays and injesting bleach.

It is clear that Parents will be guided by listening to the experts to keep themselves and their families safe to the best of their ability. Each State has its own guidance regarding going back to school when it is deemed safe to do so and sending out the appropriate communication to all concerned in their State.

Unfortunately for the President his words may come back to haunt him when he said “When somebody’s the president of the United States, the authority is total,”. Which is completely not the case.

“These are matters for states to decide under their power to promote public health and welfare, a power guaranteed by the 10th Amendment to the Constitution. Despite what he claims, no President has absolute authority over domestic policy, and he certainly has no power to override the type of measures that have been taken across the country that have proved successful in flattening the curve.” said Kathleen Bergin, a professor at Cornell Law School.


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