Trump Said He Would Be The Best President Ever in American History, He Was Wrong


This is not an article to bash the President of the United States. It is an article to show that a pandemic came along unannounced and decimated a President who was already losing ground. The fact that he has handled a major crisis so badly and so publicly that Americans are completely fed up with what they perceive as an incompetent individual.
Far from Trump telling anyone who would care to hear that he was the best at everything including being the best President that ever occupied the White House, it appears his words were too far away from the truth.
America has witnessed first hand their Commander in Chief fully exposed with the Coronavirus pandemic. It is what will ensure he does not serve another term. From the start where he was flippant about the virus and was slow to effect anything meaningful, to slowly realising that this was quite an event and he should do something. In between there were light rays through ones body, drinking clorox and his all time favourite Hydroxychloroquine, where he admitted to taking it himself. So engrossed in non scientific solutions that he eventually admitted he was not a doctor, after explaining on live TV that he was a genius with an uncle who was a brilliant doctor, and everyone according to Trump wondered how he was able to grasp science and understand everything so well and so quickly. He explained he really should have been a doctor.
On Friday he was rushed into an enclosed chamber underground reserved for terrorist attacks in the White House as security agents feared for his safety.Outside hundreds were assembling on the gates and cursing the President, some threw bottles.The President has been rattled for a number of days of riots as the murder of a black man by authorities has enraged the Country. By Sunday he was quiet and nowhere to be seen. He was busy venting on Twitter only to see more violent protesters arrive at the gates in the evening, police sirens blaring. Undeterred he stuck to Twitter posting law and order advice.
“Get tough Democrat Mayors and Governors,” he said. Many of his advisers have pointedly explained to him that a large part of the problem is his tweets, and he should seriously consider stopping for his own good. “Those are not constructive tweets, without any question,” Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina, the only black Republican in the Senate, said in an interview on “Fox News Sunday.” “I’m thankful that we can have the conversation. We don’t always agree on any of his tweets beforehand, but we have the ability to sit down and dialogue on how we move this nation forward.”
But it is clear that Trump has one thing uppermost on his mind whilst the virus claims over 100,000 lives, millions of people infected, race relations causing riots on the streets, and that is winning the next election. “I’m going to win the election easily,” the president said. “The economy is going to start to get good and then great, better than ever before. I’m getting more judges appointed by the week, including two Supreme Court justices, and I’ll have close to 300 judges by the end of the year.” (So far he has confirmed about 200.)
If the President cares to read there is plenty of graffiti posted for blocks all around him explaining what the issues are and why people are upset with him.


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