Toronto Man Hires Undercover Cop To Kill His Wife


A 55-year-old limo driver’s plan to assassinate his own wife and her lawyer has backfired when hitman he hired turned out to be a police officer.

Mohammed Hakimzadah, a father of five from Toronto, Canada, was going through a huge fall out with his spouse back in 2016. It enraged him to the point where he decided to seriously harm her. 

Hakimzadah eventually began to believe that his wife’s family lawyer, J.D., was the one who turned her against him — so he decided to kill them both. 

He also wanted to frame his wife by planting cocaine and a gun in her vehicle before the eventual murder.

Hakmizadah was recorded by the authorities while negotiating with an undercover officer whom he tried to hire as a killer. According to The Star, he wanted the lawyer to be assassinated in broad daylight in front of a courthouse. 

On April 27th he was sentenced to 9 years in prison. Superior Court Justice Robert Goldstein mentioned that she would gladly give Hakmizadah 11 or 12 years if it wasn’t for his poor health.

She also addressed the motives behind his actions, reports The Star:

“Mr. Hakimzadah seems to bear a particular animus towards women. Just as you don’t need a weatherman to tell which way the wind blows, you don’t need a psychologist to tell you Mr. Hakimzadah is a misogynist. All the people he targeted and blamed were women”.


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