TicTok Avoids Ban In US Temporarily


A temporary injunction was partially given by a federal judge. On TicTok’s request for the same motion a US Court.  This was a move by TikTok in an attempt to halt the Trump administration. Effecting a ban on the app with only a few hours to spare before the ban came into effect.

Government lawyers present at the hearing argued. That TicTok was owned by a Chinese entity that was adjudged by them to be a danger to national security. ByteDance the owning entity of the app is based in Beijing, China.

The main contention by the Trump administration. Has to do with US user data which it claims risks being collected. Then handed over to the Chinese Government. Tic Tok maintains that is hardly a possibility. It will safely store all US Data in the United States. It further informs that backups will be stored in Singapore.


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