“This Is A Threat To Our Democracy”: Colombian Investigative Journalist Says Military Still Spies On Reporters And Opposition

Julián F. Martínez. Photo by Al Jazeera via YouTube. Photo by Al Jazeera via YouTube.

Colombian journalist famous for the unveiling alleged links between the country’s president and drug mafia claims he’s still being spied on by army intelligence.

Julián F. Martínez has previously written about Colombia’s President Ivan Duque’s tight association with narco-traffickers and terrorists, as well as alleged vote-buying during the 2018 presidential election. Back in March, he twitted about a black Volkswagen Jetta surveying his residence in Bogota, thus joining the voices of numerous other journalists and members of the opposition who had been claiming illegal surveillance and intimidation from Colombian authorities. The investigation, long-promised by the government, has been fruitful so far.

“This is a threat to democracy,” said Martinez in his recent interview with Al Jazeera. “They are spying on us, threatening us, following us, listening to our conversations, reading our chats.”


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