The US White House Uses Faulty Devices To Test Staff For COVID-19


The White House, albeit quite full with coronavirus-positive staff members, who continue to work there from a small office. While the employees are receiving COVID-19 tests, the devices for these procedures are dubious.

According to the New York Times May 11th report, testing machines known as “ID Now” are used to detect potentially infected White House members. They give results in 13 minutes or less — but around 15% of these results are false negatives. This was publicly announced by Dr. Francis Collins, director of the National Institutes of Health back in April, after the US Food and Drug Administration declared that ID Now could be used as an emergency device.

Even the system’s maker Abbott Laboratories did not deny the faulty nature of ID Now, saying that it works best with fresh swabs put directly into the device. If samples are dissolved in liquid, the risk of false negatives gets higher.

Nevertheless, the rapid system was praised by President Donald Trump as a “highly accurate new ballgame.” ID Now was distributed by the federal government and sent all over the country.

As of now, at least a dozen people who regularly work with both the President and Vice President Mike Pence have tested positive for COVID-19 reports Business Insider.


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