The Second Wave Of The Corona Virus May have Just Started


The biggest fear of easing the lockdown was a potential second wave. As more people get back to work enter public transport freely engage in mass demonstrations with many other people the possibility of infected people, who themselves may not even realise they are infected, spread the Corona virus and a second wave appears only for another lockdown to be ordered to save lives.

Presently a surge in hospitalisations in over a dozen states has the experts worried. States like Texas and Arizona are beginning to feel the impact if new cases. Severe Covid-19 cases are taking up hospital beds and the alarm is being raised. There is definitely no strategy in place in all these states if the numbers rise as they did in the first wave of the pandemic.

Dr Fauci mentioned that this was something to watch closely as it is worrisome after seeing a slowing down of the virus that these new cases are resurging. Perhaps something to do with so many people demonstrating and being in close contact with others could be a possible reason for the current instances of resurgence.

Deaths in the US have crossed 115,000 people and analysts predict the number could exceed 200,000 deaths. Trump if we can all recall mentioned the number of 100,000 as potentially the maximum the US would suffer. He seems to have his eyes on a different prize presently with elections coming up. The last thing he would want to see is a second wave having been ridiculed over his handling of the pandemic. A further large scale epidemic would close any chance of a second term for him. Meanwhile the healthcare experts are watching the situation of a second wave very carefully and keeping the State Governors updated regularly as they will be the executives who will decide what the best course of action will be for their individual


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