Tesla Sued After Autopiloted Model X Kills Japanese Pedestrian


A lawsuit against Elon Musk’s colossus Tesla came to light on April 30th. The company is being sued for causing the death of Yoshihiro Umeda, a 44-year-old Tokyo pedestrian.

Back on April 29th, 2018, Umeda was hit by a Tesla Model X vehicle that had its Traffic Aware Cruise Control (TACC) on. The car allegedly rapidly accelerated “from about 15 km/h to approximately 38 km/h”, also crashed into a van, several motorcycles and pedestrians, the Newsweek reports.

The court motion was submitted to the U.S Federal Court in San Jose by Umeda’s widow Tomomi and their daughter Miyu. It states that the case of their husband and father is the first-ever “Tesla Autopilot-related death involving a pedestrian.”

It should be noted that the driver of the Motor X that killed Yoshihiro Umeda had reportedly fallen asleep prior to the collison. But the victim’s family refuses to put the blame on the driver only. They state that Tesla’s Autopilot feature had a “patent defect” since the car’s system failed to alert the sleepy driver.

“Tesla failed to develop reasonable measures and safeguards against the dangers that these types of scenarios present to drivers, ” the motion claims.

The Umeda family sues Tesla for defective design, failing to warn, negligence, and wrongful death. 


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