Student Scams Dozens With Toilet Paper Fraud


A student from the DePaul University of Chicago has been apparently running an elaborate online toilet paper scam for months.

According to the CBS 2 Chicago, he’s been luring people in since March through a Facebook Sally’s Depot ad. It was a toilet paper offer — a rarity in the COVID-19 outbreak — and the ad promised that the customers had to pay for the shipping only. 

But none of them have received their Angel Soft toilet paper order after wiring their money to whoever was behind “Sally’s Depot.”

Scampulse, a site dedicated to spreading awareness about all types of fraud, now has a thread flooded with complaints from the victims.

“I am out of work and have 5 kids to support, this was such a risk and I should have known better. I haven’t been out to get any toilet paper thinking this was coming and now haven’t been able to find any,” says one of the scammed customers.

Another customer claims that she ordered 3 packages of toilet paper for $30 and received a message from the “Sally’s Depot” site, promising a 1-2 week delivery, but the package never came.

One of the users exposes the alleged person behind the scam, claiming that it was a student from the DePaul University named Julian D. 

It is unknown if the Chicago authorities have launched an investigation yet.


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