States Placing New Restrictions As Pandemic Resurgence Reignites


As the US marches towards 10 million cases State Governors are introducing new restrictions in several states. As of last night, the US topped another 100+ cases for yet another day and things are getting dire. This of course affects many other things the economy not being least. There is now talk of a double-dip recession. Some of the new measures include a 10 pm to 5 am curfew on going out. It is acknowledged that gatherings are fueling the resurgence. As a result, some states are urging people not to get together. There are also reports from health authorities that in some states beds are running out in hospitals. According to them, they will run out in a matter of days. There is still no unified and concerted initiative in how communication is conducted. A lot of people are still not getting the information they need to act accordingly.


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