Sports fans have been starved of their favourite teams and sports events during the lockdown. But as States are slowly reopening so too is the idea that Sports resume. Fans absolutely cannot wait, as soon as the stadiums open and the go ahead is given there is going to be a huge return of sports fans all over the Country. America loves its sport, pure and simple.

Prominent States like New York and California are looking to see how they can ease restrictions to allow sports to return. New York Governor  Andrew Cuomo is recommending that pro teams play without fans. “Hockey, basketball, baseball, football — whoever can reopen — we’re a ready, willing and able partner,” he said. New York is home of NHL’s Sabres and NFL’s Bills.

The same sentiment by California Governor Gavin Newsom expressed that if the trend continues to decline for the virus then pro teams can start playing without fans as a first step to resuming sports in the State.

In other States like Texas, Governor Gregg Abbott said pro sports can apply from the end of May 2020 or later to gain approval from the state health department to hold events. Those events would also be held without fans.

Sitting at home and watching reruns of your favourite team can be great initially but at some point you would be keen to see the real thing as you were used to before the lockdown.


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