South Korean Students Demand Tuition Refunds


Remote education has left students of South Korea so unsatisfied that the absolute majority of them are now demanding tuition refunds from their colleges and universities.

On April 21st the National University Student Council Network revealed the results of last week’s survey. According to them, 99.2% of 21,874 respondents want a full or partial refund of their latest semester tuition, since the quality of online lectures was very poor. The rest would like a full refund.

Most of the surveyed students noted that they are now in blind spots due to difficulties in finding jobs and paying rent and dorm fees, The Yonhap News Agency reports.

The network called the situation “disastrous” and stated that the Ministry of Education and the Korean Council for University Education have so far failed to address the mounting concerns of the country’s students.

The tensions have been increasing for the last two weeks, with South Korean students openly rallying, protesting, and signing petitions to get the government’s attention. 


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