South Korea In The Midst Of Fighting A Second Wave Pandemic


South Korea has managed the Corona pandemic quite well it has 12,438 cases and 280 deaths. This for a Country with a population of almost 52 million people is considered well controlled.

As they started to ease down the restrictions in late May they allowed nightclubs to reopen as well as other mass gatherings. This unfortunately proved to be too soon and they are now experiencing what they believe is their second wave of the Coronavirus. Mainly young people visiting bars and nightclubs over the holiday weekend have seen a sharp rise in reported cases, at its peak they had 900 cases a day and managed to reduce that to single digits for the daily infection rate. But suddenly there are daily reports of over 40 cases a day which has alarmed authorities.

They are keeping a very close eye on the number of reported new cases daily as they cannot afford to lockdown again. Like many other Countries around the world the economic cost of locking down for lengthy periods is too much to bear and the consequences of resuming and trying to resume business is not an easy task where many have closed for good.

The KCDC the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have stated that the first wave never really ended. The densely populated Greater Seou area is where the majority of new infections are being reported.


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