Social Distancing Not Considered An Issue As Bargain Hunters Start To Look For The Deals Of The Century


As the pandemic infection and death numbers decrease across states and businesses cautiously start to reopen, bargain hunters are rummaging through the best deals out there with the aim of sourcing themselves a bargain.

50% off, Buy One Get One Free, No deposit buy now, these are the things people expect to hear during difficult trading times that exist presently. There are so many offers out there as businesses try to kick-start their businesses again after such a shock to their normal trading pre Covid-19.

Whether it’s online or physically at the business in question there is no getting away from the low demand and the “ready to do a deal” mentality of the average business owner. However if you don’t shop around and don’t ask then you don’t get.This is an excellent time for bargain hunters.

There are certain types of business that have done well during the pandemic against the odds. Swimming pool companies have seen a surge in demand due to people staying at home, so don’t expect any huge discounts in that sector. Online shopping has its discounts and you can always ask for a further discount by shopping around carefully and comparing offers that exist.

But the real bargain hunters are the ones that are looking at property, white goods for their homes, cars, and future holidays. Here the savvy hunters understand that it is getting increasingly difficult for these sectors and think nothing of low-balling them to see what reaction they get.

If you have a good credit rating and preapprove yourself with your bank for a loan so you can bargain heavily there are incredible deals on offer in the property sector. There is of course always a risk with this type of investment, but if you know what you want and are willing to negotiate there are deals to be had. The same applies to the other sectors mentioned here, cars, white goods and holidays.

The key is to be prepared and plan in advance of the hunt by carefully studying what is attainable. Used cars are practically going for a song. Prices the like of which have not been seen ever. As for holidays, so many companies have paid for resorts upfront and with the travel restrictions have all but lost their money. Any spaces still available will be aggressively sold even at a loss in order to recoup some money back on what has already been spent.

So be vigilant check the offers that are out there, put on a mask and some gloves, keep a safe distance and negotiate.


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