Snow Falls In New York During May For The First Time In 43 Years


The chilly spring of 2020 continues to deliver surprises. New York City received its share on May 9th when snow covered the trees and trails of the city’s famous Central Park, as the temperature dropped to 34 degrees Fahrenheit, the coldest it has been since 1947.

While the snowfall was relatively light, it should be noted that something like that hasn’t happened to New York since 1977, the National Weather Service told the NY Post. It snowed on May 9th too back then, and people were as puzzled as they are now. 

A polar vortex from the North Pole that hit the eastern seaboard is to blame for the unusual weather. Also, as meteorologist Matthew Wunsch said in his interview to the NY Post, it wasn’t even the second time the city saw late spring snow: “Snow in May is a rare occurrence, but it’s not the first time it has happened in New York. For Central Park, it’s about the fifth time in history that we’ve seen snow at this time of year.”

It is unlikely that snow will be back to the Big Apple anytime soon anyway. By Sunday afternoon, the temperature is expected to rise back to 62 degrees, promising a much warmer Mother’s Day.


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