Over 10 million pigs will need to be slaughtered because American farmers have nowhere to put them or the food to feed them.

As the number of food banks grow in the Country, due to rising unemployment the National Pork Producers Council says farmers cannot send their livestock to processing factories that have been shut due to the pandemic as well as the incredible erosion of demand as a result of restaurants, schools and shops who normally consume their products being closed down over a number of months.

Despite the easing that is presently underway it may be a little late for the various supply chains to bounce back to what they were immediately. This has resulted in very hard decisions having to be made by farmers all over America.

So whilst many people who are going hungry around the Country watch, millions of pigs will be slaughtered and discarded. That’s the financial logic of demand and supply during a significant change in the logistics chain for livestock and other farm produce that will undoubtedly see many American farmers go under.

Thousands of farmers have found it more cost effective to close the farm than continue in the present and foreseeable future of farming under these types of conditions. The economy is just beginning to feel the impact of the pandemic, where experts predict the coming four months will see many bankruptcies and closures. The demand is just not there, and when any kind of business has been ramping up their models previously to accommodate demand, they equally need to restructure to counter unforeseen decreased demand thrust upon them suddenly.

It’s going to be difficult to stand by and watch livestock ruined due to the virus, and perhaps even more so watching the Farms close as a result.


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