Sex With A Slipper May Sound Awful But Sex With One Hundred and Twenty Slippers That’s A Whole New Level


Just as you thought how weird can things get, meet Theerapat Klaiya, a 24 year old from Thailand who has a fetish for slippers and shoes but not just any slippers and shoes but the well worn and used kind.

There were multiple complaints from people in the neighbourhood reporting their footwear going missing in Nonthaburi, Thailand. CCTV footage set up at a neighbour’s home led police to Theerapat and found over 120 pairs of used footwear stolen from the neighbourhood in his possession.

He admitted to being a fetishist or obsessed with object sexuality , this is when one has a romantic or sexual attraction to inanimate objects. Partialism as it is also referred to is a type of paraphilia or paraphilic disorder. It involves sexual arousal to objects, situations, or targets that are considered atypical or not the norm.

Theerapat was arrested and photographed with the vast  majority of the slippers and shoes he had stolen. He said he wore the slippers for several hours and later caressed the slippers before stripping and having sex with them.

With so many slippers stolen in the area it was clear he needed psychiatric help. The trial date has been set and it is imagined the court will understand this difficult condition and recommend the required hep for the young man.

In his mind he does understand that it is not right to have sex with used slippers worn by other people but his involuntary desire kicks in and he has a great urge to make love to as many slippers as possible.


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