Russian Coronavirus Putin Support Collapses

Russia Photo by Michael Parulava on Unsplash

Vladimir Putin the Russian President has seen events take a nose dive after his attempt to rage war with Saudi Arabia on oil. Just a few weeks ago the Kremlin announced that Russia had no serious problems.

Fast forward to today, they now admit that there is a huge influx of patients flooding in to Moscow hospitals. An incredible turnaround and further reason to suspect that they are masking the truth in an effort to cling to keeping the Russian population calm.

The number of deaths they have announced as 148 and over 18,000 people infected. The numbers could be well beyond this. This all comes at a time when Putin was hoping that a number of major events would transpire to bolster his poll numbers.

As false and fake news circle the globe analysts say that Putin has played a principal role in the spread of false information in an effort to discredit the West and destroy his enemies in Russia. His agents reportedly continue to perpetrate the idea that all the epidemics from Ebola to Coronavirus were started by American scientists. They have also spread disinformation regarding the vaccines to undermine faith in their efficacy and safety.

This has been designed with filling the Russian population with a distrust of foreign medical advisories, whilst painting a picture of efficient Russian healthcare. The current pandemic is a disaster for Putin and any agendas that may be harboured as victory day parades and the like look to be cancelled whilst Russia is now under lockdown. The Victory Day parade is usually held on May 9th, where the Russians show off their Military to commemorate the defeat of Nazi Germany during World War 2.

Putin downplayed the virus two weeks ago and any cancellations of events would be viewed as an embarrassment. The real threat however is the number of jobs that may be list in Russia from the pandemic that threaten the Russian economy which has been fragile for a long time given the sanctions that have been imposed on the Country.


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