Rock Star Warning: Dublin Artist’s Street Murals Inspire Social Distancing

Photo via Emmalene Blake on Instagram.

The lockdown is not an excuse to ditch creativity. Emmalene Blake, a young artist from Dublin, Ireland, used her talent to remind her community to stay safe — and keep the music going. 

Emmalene spent her April covering the street walls with colorful murals portraying pop culture legends and their quotes — from The Police with “Don’t stand so close to me” to Cardi B and her viral “CRONAVIIIIIIRUS” quote. The works can be seen around Tallaght, the artist’s county town. 

The stars of Blake’s street art, such as Cardi B and Lizzo has already shared her work with millions of their followers.

The Jersey Evening Post published an interview with Emmalene, discussing the life-saving importance of staying at home.

“It is going to happen, when it has been so long that people are getting fed up at this stage but I think we just need to remember why we are doing this and remember that we need to just stick it out for now and eventually we will get back to normal.”


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