Republican Party Votes Overwhelmingly To Not Recognise President/Vice Presidents-Elect


It is evident that the republican party is not interested in confirming the democratic party’s leadership. They voted overwhelmingly to not accept any incoming president and vice presidential elects as such. To be fair such a motion is not normal  as the democrats attempt to move the transitioning forward. The impasse is still ongoing with everyday bringing in new twists and turns. How long this goes on is anyone’s guess however the electoral college must announce an election verdict soon. This will be the moment that all are waiting for to ascertain who won the election. In the meantime there are new lawsuits to the supreme court regarding the invalidity of the election. One thing is for sure the inauguration will be much smaller than in previous years. There will have to be masks and social distancing arrangements as we are in a pandemic.

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Christopher is a London-based Political Editor for World News Tribune. He knows what your local politician is up to. A meticulous perfectionist, Christopher beat dyslexia at the age of 15 and declared that now he was now obligated to have a career in writing. During his sophomore year, he was already contributing front-page stories to The Evening Lantern. Christopher has always chased the truth in its rawest form — that’s why covering politics has been such a desirable challenge. After studying Journalism and Politics in his native Essex County, UK, Christopher moved to London and began to build his career with the most effective jump-start: by working at a coffee shop in The City. It truly paid off. Thanks to studying the local media scene through his customers, Christopher moved to freelance journalism, effectively gaining recognition for his International Affairs coverage. He still lives in London and is still able to make a wickedly good cup of coffee.


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