Putin’s Russia Crumbles Right Before His Eyes (VIDEO)


Putin a year back was riding high at the Davos Economic Summit he was seen as an experienced crafty and by far a more polished ruler than many of the world leaders present.His ability to rationalise and assimilate facts quickly and deliver impressive and calculated views from a completely different perspective to mainstream thinking was getting the attention of many around the globe. Russia was able to circumvent the economic sanctions placed upon it and still push ahead, not an easy feat by any standards. Slowly but surely his transgressions mainly the Ukraine invasion was looking to be an acceptable part of the status quo. It looked as though there was a softening of the American election interference and potentially Russia was making a comeback.

Fast forward to present day and its a completely different story as a worried and lone figure looks out to the Country that is practically crumbling before his eyes. Covid-19 has completely reversed any advances by Russia. Putin’s popularity has plummeted to its lowest level in as much as 20 years, as he struggles to keep hold of power in an unforgiving environment.

The average person on the street feels that the Putin administration has been totally discredited. As jobs have been lost and with no support forthcoming or likely to despite promises made, small business owners are taking to the underground business to stay afloat and to feed their families. Russians feel abandoned and left to their own devices to get by as best they can. Regular families who had jobs such as drivers, flower sellers, shop assistants and other similar jobs now see themselves having to rely on charity and food parcels to get by. City centre soup kitchens are overwhelmed with the number of needy.

The local currency the Rouble goes up and down like a yo-yo, but continually devalues making commerce very risky. The saying in Russia is the rouble falls every day with a “y” in it. Behind the mockery there are dangerous undertones. If the people decide to take other elements of their Country into their hands there will be no forgiving anything as it is a very harsh environment and definitely not for the fainthearted. Crime is rife and life is tough as the Russian Governments looks on to see how their crafty leader gets them out of this present mess.


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