Pregnant Woman Picks Up A Snake With Bare Hands (VIDEO)


Tawney Rauch, a 7 months pregnant woman from the U.S. state of Arizona has gone viral after her close encounter with a giant snake.

According to KHPO, Tawney was driving to her Rimrock home on April 25th when she saw a 6-foot-long gopher snake in the middle of the road. Fascinated by its size (and knowing that those snakes are not poisonous or dangerous), she stopped to film it, but then saw another car approaching.

It then dawned on Tawney that the snake could potentially become roadkill, so she took off a flip-flop and used it to pick it up. She then removed the reptile to the roadside while chatting on the phone with her husband. 

Her husband then arrived and the pair took the snake home. They released it back into the wild soon after.

In her interview with 3TV, Tawney said that she grew up learning a lot about nature:

“[Gopher snakes] are awesome snakes and I think people should take more consideration into getting to know the wilderness and knowing the animals. Because you can actually save them a lot more than people think.”


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