Pfizer Announces 90% Efficacy For COVID 19 Vaccine


One of the largest pharmaceuticals announced that its COVID 19 vaccine trials were showing above 90% efficacy. This is phenomenal against a backdrop until now where other companies have met with varying low efficacy rates. Consequently, US health authorities were expecting a 50% efficacy rate. They have invested very large sums in trying to get a vaccine that works. The companies Managing Director claims that this is the best medical breakthrough in a century. Health authorities around the world have lauded the companies efforts. As a result, the company is receiving forward orders from them. Countries Health Authorities have decided to go ahead. The managing director says trials willl be over this month. Vaccines in millions of units can be produced from two existing manufacturing facilities. Successful completion of the trial is much hoped for.

If the vaccine passes the requirements for a trial that health authorities place on the development of vaccines. It will be in a prime position to manufacture vaccines not only in the US but in other parts of the world.

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