Pandemic Resurgence Producing Projections That Are Horrific


This is truly getting out of hand. The effect on our culture is seen in the way we go about our daily lives. The numbers in this resurgent pandemic are not abating. Instead, they grow larger both in cases recorded and the number of deaths. However, it is the projections of where we will be in a month that are scary. How did we get here? Most doctors will say a non-unified policy. State Governors were left to work it out for themselves. While the Government’s chief medical advisers were disunited on the path we should follow. It is no good crying over spilt milk now. What we need are a set of guidelines that everyone must follow. Procedures such as hygiene and the wearing of masks which are known to help must be adhered to.

We most certainly do not want to arrive at the horrific figures that doctors are projecting in a month. Still talking what we are saying now as that will be an unmitigated preventable disaster.


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