NCAA Will Allow Athletes to Earn Sponsorship Money


The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) will allow the Division I athletes to earn money from sponsors. According to The Associated Press, a source in the NCAA has revealed that new recommendations for the potential legalization were being reviewed. 

These recommendations include allowing the athletes to make sponsorship and endorsement deals with all kinds of companies and third parties. They will also be able to sell their autographs and memorabilia and receive payments for appearances and instructor gigs. No school-branded apparel or material will be allowed for personal endorsement deals.

A strategy for eliminating potential corruption under the new rules is also being developed.

The NCAA allegedly hopes to pass the legalization at the beginning of 2021. College sports administrators are expected to forward the reviewed recommendations to the NCAA Board of Governors, which meets next week.

The recommendations were first proposed last May by Big East Commissioner Val Ackerman and Ohio State AD Gene Smith and their working group.

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