NASCAR To Let Sponsors Place Ads On Face Masks


Every surface works when multi-million dollar sponsorships are at stake. This is why NASCAR intends to place ads on the newest addition to its gear: medical face masks.

The auto racing giant is returning to the racetrack on May 17th with seven races in three days. All participants will be required to follow strict anti-COVID-19 guidelines. This includes social distancing in garage stalls and hauler parking areas; drivers self-isolating in motorhomes right before the race begins; and, of course, new protective gear. 

According to the Sports Business Journal report from May 4th, the face masks will be used for sponsorship exposure. The NASCAR officials have greenlighted this concept but reminded that each team will need to pre-approve the logos before placing them on the face masks of their staff. 

Just like all logos that traditionally cover NASCAR race cars and uniforms, the pandemic-era ones have to follow standards. The teams are currently back in the North Carolina shops preparing for the races, but the sponsored face masks are yet to be introduced.


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