“My Unstoppable Life as a Devil”. Leader of a Korean Sex Slavery Ring Speaks (Video)


More than 2.5 million people have demanded South Korean authorities reveal the identity of “Banksa” (‘“Doctor”). For 2 years this was the only known alias of a man behind “Nth room” — a conglomerate of Telegram channels that thrived on exploiting young women. On March 26 the National Policy Agency finally complied. 

A 24-year-old man named Cha Ju-Bin was publically escorted outside a court’s building wearing a neck brace. With the media surrounding him, he made a short yet shocking speech, apologizing for his crimes. 

“Thank you for putting an end to my unstoppable life as a devil”, he said. 

Nth Room, also known as Banksa Room admins and users blackmailed young girls with stealing their personal information and explicit photos and threatening to publicize them. Cha Ju-Bin and his accomplices then forced the victims to perform numerous sexual acts on camera, sometimes involving self-mutilation. 

Since 2018 at least 250,000 clients got access to that footage by buying a pass for $1000 in cryptocurrency. At least 16 of 74 known victims were underage. 

The investigation continues. So far South Korean law enforcement arrested 124 people involved in this crime. 


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