Mobile Tracking App Might Become Mandatory in Australia

Photo via Brian McGowan on Unsplash

Australia currently has 6,507 confirmed COVID-19 cases, and the government is dreading the possiblity of new cases. Right now, the officials are endorsing the development of a mobile app that is supposed to help with social distancing and infection control.  

On April 16th Prime Minister Scott Morrison said that the success of that project depends on the number of Australian residents who would download it — which, according to him, should be at least who 40% need to use it. Morrison also compared using that app to national service. 

The app, which does not have a localized title yet, will use Bluetooth to connect with other users nearby and warn its users about contacting any COVID-19 infected individuals. 

Prime Minister Morrison mentioned that installing this tracking software might become a temporary requirement for all Australians if the 40% quota would not be met. He also promised that the collected data would not be used by the authorities as a tool to prosecute people who broke quarantine requirements. 


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