Missing Kayaker Pleads “HELP”

Photo via NYPD Special Ops on Twitter

The New York Police Department officials have released aerial footage of a man stuck on a remote island.

The man, whose name is yet to be released, went missing on April 17th after going kayaking. He never made it back to the shore and was reported missing. During the next 12 hours he found himself on a remote Jamaica Bay island.

He did not have any gadgets on him, so he had to get creative in order to save himself. So the kayaker proceeded to collect sticks, spell out a giant word “HELP” on the shore, and light a fire.

Luckily for him, the search and rescue team eventually began to look for him in that area of Queens. The released footage captures the plea for help on the beach, as well as the man himself, running towards the NYPD helicopter and waving his arms.

The rescued kayaker was not injured, the NYPD Special Ops Twitter account reports. It also jokingly mentions that he “took social distancing to the next level”.


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