Mexican Cartel Leader Dies Of Coronavirus In Prison


The pandemic has gotten 45-year-old Moisés Escamilla May, who was once one of the most feared criminals in Mexico. 

Before his capture in 2008 May, known as “El Gordo May” (“Fat May”) was a leader of the gangster squad “Old School Zetas” that later evolved into the Los Zetas cartel. The syndicate used to be the main cocaine supplier for Cancún and had a large informant network, including numerous dirty cops.

El Gordo May was serving 37 years for organized crime charges and his responsibility for torture and decapitation of 12 people near the colonial city of Merida on the Yucatan peninsula. He was incarcerated in Puente Grande maximum-security prison in Jalisco state and labeled a highly dangerous inmate.

According to BBC News, the gang leader developed respiratory problems on May 6th and died two days later. The officials, however, made the news public only on May 10th.


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