Mastercard Investigates Pornhub


A major investigation into child and incapacitated women abuse is underway. On a popular pornhub by a worldwide credit card company. That services the hub. Consequently, allegations of illegal activity by concerned parties. On the circulation of said material videos. Were provided to them as allegations. These immediately drew a rebuttal by the porn hub. Stating that they take any illegal activities seriously. As a result, they will do an internal investigation themselves. Consequently, an explanation by them was provided. Members are allowed to upload videos on their site. Also, that these may have slipped their internal controls. Subsequently, they themselves are in no way complicit. With any activities that do not follow the law rigorously.

The credit card company involved said that should any illegal activity found. Would result in the withdrawal of their services to the hub. Other large credit cards companies. Have as a matter of policy withdrawn their services previously.

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