Marianne Faithful, a 73-year-old Music Icon, Contracts Coronavirus

Marianne Faithfull via Manfred Werner on Wikimedia Commons.

Self-isolating did not save Marianne Faithfull, a legendary British-born singer from getting COVID-19.

According to Republic Media, Marianne’s friend Penny Arcade, as well as her manager, made a statement on April 4th, saying that she went to one of London hospitals because she was coming down with a cold. There the artist underwent a test that revealed she was infected with Coronavirus.

It is reported that 73-year-old Marianne is currently in stable condition and the treatment is working. Her former spouse John Dunbar was quoted confirming this, but also noting that she can hardly talk and that visitors are prohibited.

Marianne Faithfull is no stranger to fighting hardships and health problems. She survived addiction, suicide attempts, Hepatitis C and breast cancer. She even got the unusual happy ending after drug abuse and larynx inflammation permanently changed the originally sweet timbre of her voice: the world embraced her new coarse and raw sound.

Needless to say that her fans and the whole music industry fiercely hope she is going to win this battle as well.


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