Man Starts a Forest Fire in Chernobyl, Causes Radiation to Spike (VIDEO)


On April 6th Ukrainian authorities identified a man who had started a fire in Chernobyl. 

Today Chernobyl and Pripyat, the most famous scenes of the nuclear disaster in the world, are technically open to the public. But it doesn’t mean it is still safe there. The forest fire that broke out on April 5th shows why: the heat from the flames made the radiation levels skyrocket. 

The fire took over 86 acres of land in Kotovskoye Forestry, destroying trees and grass. The radiation dose in that area went up to 2.3 uSv/hour, which is almost 17 times higher than normal. 

The arrested man, whose name is currently unknown, is a resident in the district just outside the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. He was burning leaves and grass when the wind caused the fire to rapidly spread. 

More than 130 firefighters spent several days battling the disaster and dropping tons of water from the air directly on the flames. 

Now that the primary danger has finally passed the world is concerned about the radiation that spread from the fire site. However, the radiation levels in the rest of Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia are currently normal. 


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