Mama Leopard Teaches Her Cubs To Cross The Road (VIDEO)


Mother’s wisdom goes viral in an incredible video from Kruger National Park in South Africa.

The video, that was posted last week and has already gained more than half a million views, shows a female leopard emerging from the roadside bushes at Kruger National Park. She observes the surroundings carefully and walks right on the motorway, stopping several cars.

She then briefly goes back to the roadside and returns, flowed by two young cubs.

The family begins to cross the road, while the audience in the vehicles cheer and film the incredible scene. At one point one of the cubs gets nervous and plops on the asphalt, crying, so his mother has to encourage him a little.

A caption on Kruger Sightings, the YouTube channel that uploaded the video reads: 

“There is no need to go to Oklahoma to see cute cubs, GO TO AFRICA INSTEAD! There, you will watch these magnificent big cats how they should be viewed – in the wild. This video is in honor of all the animals that are locked up in cages when they should be in the wild.”

The Oklahoma quote is most likely a subtle nod to Tiger King, Netflix’s overwhelmingly popular true crime series.

It is also stated that the video was captured by 64 year-old Thinus Deplot near Crocodile Bridge. He shared the backstory with the channel:

“Early morning, my daughters and I left the camp looking for leopards. They were convinced that there are no leopards in the Kruger, as neither of them had ever seen one.  As we drove, I jokingly convinced them to start singing in the car, to draw the leopards out, and so they did – and to my surprise – it actually worked!”

“We hit a traffic jam where a few cars were stationary. It seemed like visitors were looking at a pride of lions. My daughter noticed that in the thicket behind our vehicle, there was a mother leopard trying to move her cubs!!”

“It was my daughter’s first visit to the Kruger and she was the first to whip out her video camera. I’m glad she did because I would have been shaking so much from excitement, that the footage might have just been ruined. We stayed and watched as the mother crossed the road first to make sure that all was safe, before returning to encourage her cubs to cross to safety.”

“This was an extremely rare sighting, and you don’t often get to see a leopard mother relocate her cubs when they are still so young. We’ve been visiting the Kruger for over 50 years, and not once have we seen something like this. This just came to show that patience really does pay off.”


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