Lopez & Rodriguez Whip Up The Latino Vote


Another day on the campaign trail and another celebrity couple come out in support of a candidate. This time however it is an appeal to a pivotal vote the Latino community. Without the support from this community, both candidates realise that it makes a difficult uphill struggle into a very difficult one. In the last election, the president realised just that and went all out to court their endorsements. His efforts resulted in a significant advantage in this sector over his then opposing candidate and it showed. The Latino community know they have the power to be king-makers. They are now ready to be heard. They want to play an active part in the rebuilding of the US. Through unification and hard work they realise the difficult job ahead is difficult. However, they also realize they need representation in the halls of power.

As a power couple these influencer’s know that they have the reach to convince others to their side.


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