“Lone Wolf” Radical Islamist Who Planned Attacks In Barcelona Captured


An unnamed Morrocan male was arrested in the early hours of May 8th as a result of the operation led by the FBI, the Police forces of Spain, and the local Homeland Security.

He is presumed to be an ISIS follower who was preparing several terrorist attacks in Barcelona this weekend, reports Fox. The authorities had been quietly monitoring him until his behavior drastically changed as Spain went into lockdown. The investigators believed he decided to organize the crimes on his own, inspired by ISIS propaganda to strike in Western Europe.

The suspect was arrested in the Barrio Gotico apartment, which is a popular tourist area in the center of Barcelona.

The Civil Guard issued a report, mentioning a rising amount of solitary terrorist attacks that involved knives and vehicles, hinting that the apprehended man intended to do the same.

The alleged terrorist is set to appear before the National Crime Court.


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