Kuwaiti Police Sprays Egyptian Workers With Gas


Labor migrants from Egypt stuck in Kuwait simply can’t deal with isolation anymore. So now they are protesting.

A “riot” involving foreign workers was recently suppressed in Kuwait, The United Arab Emirates authorities announced on May 5th. The incident was mostly covered by a state-backed news agency KUNA. According to it, the unrest started overnight in one of the city’s shelters for Egyptian migrants.

The workers, who have been locked in the UAE since the COVID-19 lockdown, reportedly armed themselves with pieces of furniture, chanting “Where is our embassy?”. Kuwaiti police hit the crowd with tear gas and “took control”, arresting an undisclosed amount of protesters, KUNA reports. No information about the victims or further outcome is available.

Hundreds of migrants used to arrive in the UAE every month in search of different sorts of jobs. Now that they are forced to stay inside the country, their funds are running low and it is nearly impossible to find work. Egypt promised to bring the citizens home via repatriation flights, but apparently none of the Egyptians trapped in Kuwait hasve been contacted by the embassy officials yet.


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