Kelly Clarkson Says Her 4-year-old Son Has Speech Delay


Kelly Clarkson, a three-time Grammy winner, and a world-famous singer is not ashamed to share her family struggles. 

In her recent interview with the People, Kelly revealed that her son Remy is nine months behind his expected speech development — all because of a seemingly minor health problem that occurred when he was younger. 

“Way deep down in his ears, he got clogged up with a ton of wax where we thought, almost, he was deaf because he spoke as if he was underwater,” admitted the 38-year-old artist. 

Ever since Clarkson and her husband Brandon Blackstock discovered the severity of Remy’s problem, it has been an endless battle — and not without victories. At first, Remy wasn’t even able to form full sentences or engage in conversations all the time, which was painful for his parents. But the constant sessions with a speech therapist, which he still continues via Zoom, eventually changed that. 

“The big milestone for us is Remy getting to really find out his own personality and his identity because it’s been frustrating for him to not be able to really vocalize his emotions,” Clarkson says. 


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