Jim Carrey’s Legendary Character Serves The Indian Government Now

Photo via Assam Police on Twitter.

Every country tries to find a new way to engage their society in anti-Coronavirus activities. The authorities in India turned to a 1994 comedy “The Mask”.

The main character, portrayed by the legendary actor Jim Carrey, was a humble bank clerk whose life was turned upside down by a magical mask of a trickster Norse god Loki. Carrey’s hilarious portrayal turned the movie into an instant international classic.

Now the police department of the Indian state of Assam has turned “The Mask’s” promotional poster into a propaganda advert of sorts. The artwork, posted on the department’s official Twitter account, shows the main character wearing a face mask.

The caption also uses a clever pun: “If you are going out, always Carrey a Mask and wear it in public places. Ooh, nobody will stop you. #IndiaFightsCorona.”


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